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A concept
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A concept
Innovative Identifiable Profitable Turnkey

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You too can set up a Musi’Quiz center in your city, benefiting from personalized and tailored support
Join the strength of a rapidly growing network
and benefit from geographical exclusivity for an innovative concept.

From the inception of Musi'Quiz, the TV set atmosphere has been taken to the maximum. the concept was co-created with a professional audiovisual partner, a journalist for one of the main TNT channels. With lighting effects, voiceovers, and a theme song, Musi'Quiz is the first quiz room to have a real camera integrated into the game!

At Musi'Quiz, we made the choice of specialization and therefore differentiation.
Universal, a source of cohesion, celebration, and smiles, music brings everyone together, regardless of age.
With a database of over 3000 song titles, spanning all genres and eras, Musi’Quiz satisfies ALL generations of players.


Musi'Quiz is the only quiz room where players choose the challenges and themes of their own game.
From each game desk, players decide on the challenges and themes they want to play. Mystery songs, complete the lyrics, quizzes, speed tests, and more…


An undeniable added value compared to our competitors, we offer our customers the option to drink and eat during the activity. A service expected by customers, it also represents a significant additional revenue stream.

The strenghts of Musi'Quiz
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  • Musi’Quiz is a unique music game in Canada and it is the first center of its kind in the country.
  • Players are unanimous, rating the game with 100% satisfaction.
  • Your centre is profitable form year one.
  • Players experience endless replayability, thanks to the games software owned by Musi’Quiz; and they won’t encounter the same questions twice.
  • Your center would benefit from the Musi’Quiz license, giving you exclusive operation rights for your geographical area.
  • Our offer is turnkey, giving you the game software, question bank, media materials, operation training, optimization advice, and installation support… The Musi’Quiz team will accompany you throughout implementation to accelerate your opening and ensure success.
  • You can expect the timeline to be 3 months from the date you sign the contract to welcoming your first team of players.
  • Looking for new source of income? Does entrepreneurship sound interesting to you?
  • Do you enjoy the leisure business segment? Are you dynamic, autonomous, and want to offer an unforgettable experience to your target customers?
  • You see, Musi’Quiz was born out of the typical story of people who needed a career change, to end the hypocracy, a desire for novelty, and a new professional business challenge. If this sounds like you, then you should seriously consider taking the leap from the mundane corporate life to the freedom of entrepreneurship.
  • Do you already have an indoor leisure center and want to make your space profitable?

Whatever your profile, aspiring entrepreneur, or already established, contact us!

It could be you!

Musi'Quiz coming soon to Québec City to Toronto !

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